Gastric Dilatation Volvulus or Bloat in the Irish Wolfhound

Gastric Dilatation Volvulus or GDV, also known as bloat, is a serious and life threatening condition in any dog. It is amongst the most common causes of death in Irish Wolfhounds (approx 12% of recorded deaths in wolfhounds are due to bloat or GDV) but can affect any breed of dog. There is no definitive cause even though various studies have been carried out. It is believed that it is highly heritable, at least in Irish Wolfhounds. Daisy was just over 9.5yrs when she had her second episode of GDV and was sadly put to sleep as the condition had progressed too far to save her.

The Irish Wolfhound Health Group have produced a useful guide to help owners recognise the symptoms of bloat in order to act quickly and hopefully, save your dogs life. Please read it and file a copy with your vet too, they may also find it useful. If you leave your dog with any dog sitters, leave a copy with themR recognising the early signs is imperative in order to get the right treatment and save your dogs life.

Irish Wolfhound Health Group guide to Gastric Dilatation Volvulus, GDV or Bloat.

The Irish Wolfhound Club of America have an excellent article about the bloat acupressure point, this is also worth familiarising yourself with. I wish I had known to try it with Daisy, unfortunately our emergency vet did not think she was bloating and so we didn’t think she she need it. The Bloat Acupressure Point article can be found here.

Beautiful Daisy

Beautiful Daisy



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