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Pneumonia in an Irish Wolfhound

Poor Haggis to be precise. This is my friends dog, Haggis, in the early stages of pneumonia – this can come on really quickly and it is very important that owners and vets recognise the signs and start treatment immediately. Please watch the video and familiarise yourself with the typical stance of a wolfhound suffering with pneumonia…

The Typical Stance of Pneumonia in an Irish Wolfhound

Pneumonia in an irish wolfhound from Per Arne Flatberg on Vimeo.

This video shows the typical stance of an irish wolfhound with pneumonia. If you see this in your Irish wolfhound, go straight to the vet and demand immediate treatment with antibiotics. The dog may or may not have fever, the blood samples may well be normal, and the lungs may or may not be congested on x-rays.
If not taken seriously, this condition will almost certainly be fatal for your dog. Please read the leaflet from the Irish Wolfhound Health Group for further info:

IW Health Group Guide to Pneumonia