Daisy – Arathorn Fair Lady Atani


Daisy was born on the 7th May 2005 and came home to live with us aged 9 weeks from the breeder Sue Hood. There were 11 in her litter, 7 boys and 4 girls, all varying shades of cream and wheaten.

She was always very much a tomboy, we used to call her a thug! But she was also always happy and cheeky, wanted to be with us and loved to please us. We never showed her but she had a great personality to be a show-dog.

She was always very healthy but did appear to have a sensitive tummy – for years we put up with this. She was a terrible scavenger and when we were out for a walk,if there was a half rotten dead rabbit to be had, Daisy would find it and eat it. Then she would get terrible diarrhea, we would starve her for 24hrs and wean her back onto normal food by feeding boiled rice and chicken for a few days. Until one day with a fairly new vet we were speaking about this tendency and she suggested a course of the antibiotic Metronidazole. Well, what a difference that made! From episodes every 6-8 weeks, to perhaps once a year. If only previous vets had suggested it, we could have saved Daisy from a lot of sore tummies.

She loved life and lived it to the full, right to the end. We already had an inkling that she would suffer with bloat at some point in her life, as one by one all her sisters succumbed to the disease, one at only a year and a half, the other two girls each had 2 episodes, had emergency GDV surgery with gastropexy at the first and died at the second. We did all we could to minimise the risks.