Cutting your wolfhounds nails

How to cut your dogs nails

Cutting your dogs nails

I must admit I am not good at cutting my wolfhounds nails, but it is an important job and one that I should keep on top of. This diagram is very useful, showing how to cut the nail and avoid the quick. Though I always make sure I have something close by to stop the bleeding quickly if it does happen, because there can be a lot of blood! Myrtle has back and front dew claws so they get even longer and need more attention because they do not get worn down in the same way with outdoor walks.

Myrtle and Florrie both hate getting their nails cut, and always scarper as soon as they see the nail-clippers. It really is a nightmare job, but one that must be done.

I found the diagram online, it was doing the rounds on Facebook, so I’m afraid I don’t know who to credit – I only know it’s not mine. Anyway, whoever you are – thank you for making this useful tool freely available – it’s much appreciated by all of us.


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